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Boston’s First Players
Coach John “Honey” Russell stood with members of the first ever Celtics team, ready to play for the 1946-47 BAA season. Standing around Boston’s first head coach were Harold Kottman, Warren Fenley, Kevin “Chuck” Connors, Wyndol Gray and Tony Kappen. As turnover was common in the league’s early years, by the 1948-49 season none of […]
Chuck Connors Plays the Star
Kevin “Chuck” Connors, the one-time Celtics player and future television star, prepared for his Hollywood career by posing with his head in a basketball rim. In the early years when the Celtics walked a financial tightrope, Connors was a potential money-making attraction. “I’m positive my greatest value to the Celtics was as an after-dinner speaker,” […]
Chuck’s Hollywood Beginning
Kevin “Chuck” Connors’ stint with the Celtics lasted just two seasons in the 1940s before he ventured off to a successful career in Hollywood. Connors made a quick impression in only his second game in Boston, as one of his shots shattered the backboard during warmups. It was the team’s first ever home game and […]
Drama Off the Court
In addition to being an All-Star player and head coach of the Boston Celtics, Bill Russell tried his hand at acting. In 1967, Russell guest-starred in Chuck Connors’ series “Cowboy in Africa” by playing a ranch hand named Jasiri. The producers and Russell were open to other appearances, but the show was canceled after one […]
Red’s Got a Different Kind of Shot
Red Auerbach already had a nickname, but maybe he should have added “Rifleman.” Auerbach and his team toured the set of the hit show “The Rifleman,” which starred former Celtics player Chuck Connors. Apart from his five-year run on the Western show, Connors also starred in films opposite Hollywood legends like Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster […]